In the city

Hi again! Long time no see! 

My kids are learning to talk about places in a city, so here you have a power point presentation aimed to revise the main vocabulary of the unit.


And a worksheet to practise places in a city and prepositions.

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Hello again! My oldest students are learning about how to make comparative sentences. They are having a lot of fun by comparing famous characters they know from their favourite TV shows, singers, superheroes, etc.

These are some of the ppt made by my students. I taught them how to create a power point presentation and here are the results! I hope you like them all!

My three year old students.

Hi again! As a teacher, I'm very proud of my students. I love seeing how fast they learn, and how much interest they show in all we do. 

 Here you can see my three year old students singing some of the songs we usually practise in the English class. Hope you enjoy as we do!


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Bingo Song by Infants

Hi there!

As I told you, my little students are learning about farm animals and to do so they are learning many songs. Bingo is one of them, and they enjoy it a lot.

Here you have a video of my 5 years old students singing Bingo.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

And this is the song.

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Farm animals. Bingo Song.

Hello everyone!

My little infants are learning about farm animals, and they enjoy singing this song a lot!

Please, ask them to sing it to you at home and you'll realise how much English they already know. Amazing, isn't it?

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¡Hola a todos/as! Mis pequeños/as de infantil están aprendiendo sobre los animales de la granja y disfrutan mucho cantando esta canción.

Por favor, ¡pedidle que os la canten en casa y os daréis cuenta de cuánto inglés saben! Impresionante, ¿no creéis?

¡Volved pronto!